Sunday, November 24, 2019

You Never Know What You May Find

Good Morning, Stampers!

You can be in the oddest of places and find something useful! I found these handy magnetic trays in the auto section of the store. They are designed to hold small nuts, screws, nails, etc., but they work prefectly as a catch-all at the end of my Big Shot to grab the dies during classes. It keeps them from getting misplaced until I can get them back in their package! So helpful!

Happie Stampin'!


Colleen said...

Many uses for them magnetic bowls/containers,
Hubby keeps a couple in his truck just in case he has flat tire or whatever; a couple in his workshop, (actually more than a couple). I have a couple that I use in my 'she' shed / craft shed. Great for holding paper clips and all that other good 'stuff.'
They really do come in handy when needed.

Melissa Davies said...

For sure! I may need a few more!