Retired Products for Sale

Below is a list of all my retired stamp sets (both new and used). I am happy to provide a photo of the set(s) you are interested in - just ask! I mail priority USPS with tracking. (US only) I can combine multiple sets to save on shipping.

Email me with any questions or to check the status of an item

(W) - Wood Mounted (all wood blocks have a clear poly coat on the rubber side)
 (C) - Clear Mounted
 (P) - Photopolymer

(S) - Stained
(LS) - Lightly Stained
(HS) - Heavy Stained

(N-UM) NEW and Unmounted

Watch for NEW items added June 4th!

Mosaic Madness (W) LS w/ coordinating punch - $20.00
Cheerful Tags (P) LS w/ coordinating punch - $20.00
From the Garden (P) LS and Stake Your Claim (W) LN w/ coordinating Handpicked framelits - $35
Sweet Home (P) S w/ coordinating Home Sweet Home framelits - $30
You Move Me (P)  LS w/ coordinating Move Me framelits - $25
A Corny Thank You (P) LS w/ coordinating Acorn punch - $20

Acorny Thank You - (P) LS $6
A Happy Hooray (W) LN $5
A Little Something (W) LN $6
ABC Alphabet (upper) LN $20
 ABC/123 Outline Letters (C) *LIKE NEW*  $10
Affection Collection (W) LN $15
Age Awareness (P) S $5
All in the Family (W) LS $12
Alphabits (W) LS $5
Alphadot Alphabet (W) LN $20
Alphadot Numbers (W) (mostly unmounted) $10
Amazing Birthday (W) LN $8
Amazing Family (W) LN $8
Any Occasion (P) LN $6
Another Great Year (W) LS $10
Antique Tags (W) LN $8
Around Array (C) LS $5
A Little Greeting (W) LN $2
A World of Thanks (W) LN $8

Baby Bumblebee (W) LN $3
Badges and Banners (W) LN $10
Beary Nice Wishes (W) LS $8
Best Day Ever (W) LN $5
Be Very Merry (W) N $1
Big Day (W) S $5
Birthday Surprise (W) S $8
Beautiful Banners (W) LN $10
Beautiful Peacock (P) LS $5
Beautifully Baroque (W) S $5
Big Deal Numbers (W) LN $10
Big Bews (W) LS $12
Blossoming Basket (W) LN $10
Bliss (W) LS $8
Blue Ribbon (W) LS $8
Bouquet Bunch (W) *LIKE NEW*  $5
Bordering On Romance (W) LN $12
Blooming With Kindness (W) LS $8
Bright Blossoms (W) S $5
Broadstreet Alphabet (W) LN $20
Brushstrokes (W) LN $8
Build A Blossom (W) $10
Build A Birthday (P) LS $5
Business Momos (W) LN $10
Button Buddies (W) LS $12
Button, Button (W) LN $12
By Design (W) LN $6

Carols of Christmas (W) LN $12
Carry On (W) LN $10
Cheerful Christmas (W) LS $8
  Cheerful Tags (P) LS $3
Circle Circus (W) LS $10
Collage Alphabet (W) S $20
Collage Curios (W) LS $8
Cool Treats (P) HS $10
Color Me Christmas (W) LS $10
Crazy Mixed Up Love (W) LN $8
Creative Elements (W) LS $15
Cuddles and Kisses (W) LN $10

Daydream Medallions (W) LS $10
Day of Graditude (W) LN $12
Dear Santa (W) LS $5
  December Wonder (P) LS $4
Decorate A Daisy (W) LN $15
Definitely Dahlia (W) LS $8
Delicate Doilies (W) LN $8
Distressed Dots (background) (W) $8
Dotted (background) (W) $8
Dove of Peace (W) LN $5

Eat Cake (W) *LIKE NEW*  $8
Eclectic Expressions (W) LS $8
Elementary Elegance (W) LN $8
Elizabeth (W) S $3
Everybunny (W) LS $12
Ex Libris (background) (W) $8
Extreme Dirt Bike (W) S $2


Festive Phrases (W) LS $12
Filmstrip (W) S $3 
Floral Wings (P) LS $5 - PENDING
Flower Patch (P) LS $6
Flowerful Heart (W) LN $3
Flowering Fields (W) LS $10
First Sight (W) LN $8
Flamingo Lingo (W) LN $8
Follow My Heart (W) LN $6
For Being You (W) LS $5
Flower Filled (W) LS $10
Frame It  (W) LN $10
Fresh Fruit (W) LS $12
Friendly Phrases (W) LS $6
Friendly Wishes (W) LN $10
Friendship Preserves (W) LS $8
From the Garden (P) LS $5
Frosted Medallions (W) LN $6
Fun Filled (W) LN $8

Geometrical (W) LS $8
 Girlfriend Accessories - (W) LS $6
Good Tidings (P) HS $8
Grow (W) LN $3
Groovy Lines (background) (W) $8


Halloween Street (W) LS $3
Happy Day (W) LS $8
Happy Wishes (W) LN $15
Handcarved (background (W) $8
Harvest of Thanks (W) LN $10
Headline Alphabet LS $20
Heartfelt Blooms (W) LN $10
Hearts a Flutter (W) LS $8
Hearts A Fluter (W) N UM $12
Hello (W) LS $8
Hello, Doily (background) (W) $8
Hello, Lovely (W) LN $12
Hello, Sailor (W) LN $12
Hello There - (W) LN $8
Henry Says (W) LN $15
High Five (W) LS $8
Holly Jolly Greetings (W) LS $8

It's A Date (W) LN $6
It's a Wrap Occasions (W) LN $8
Itty Bitty Banners (W) S $5

Jack of All Trades (W) LS $8
Just Basketball (W) N $5
Just Perfect Alphabet (W) LN $8
Just Jeans (background) (W) LN $8

Kids Cards (W) LS $8
Kind and Cozy (W) LS $6

Label Something (W) LS $5
Lacy and Lovely (W) LS $12
Larger Than Life ABC (P) LS $10
Language of Love (W) S $3
Layered Labels (C)LS $8
Layered Letters (P) LS $8
Layering Love (W) LN $12
Letter It (W) N $20
Lots of Lavender (P) LS $8
Love and Affection (P) LS $6
Lovely Letters Alphabet (W) LS $20
Lovely Little Labels (W) LN $6
Lovely Romance (W) LS $8
Love You Much (W) LS $10


Make A Cake (W) LN $5
Make A Medallion (P) LS $5
Make A Mitten (W) LN $10
Making A Point (W) LN $10
Making A Wish (W) LN $10
Memorable Moments (W) LN $8
Merry Little Christmas (W) LN $5
 Merry Little Christmas (C) N-UM $8
Merry Melody (W) LN $8
Merriest Wishes (W) LN $10
Metro Type Alphabet (P) LN $12
Million and One (W) S $5
Mingle all the Way (W) LS $5
Mixed Borders (P) LS $5
Mixed Melody (C) *LIKE NEW* $5
Monster Maniacs (C) LS $5
Monster Munchies (W) N-UM $8
Monster Munchies (W) S $6
Morning Cup (W) LS $8
Mosaic Madness (W) LS $8
Mother's Love (W) LN $12
Moving Forward (W) LS $10
My Friend (W) LS $10
My Hero (W) LS $8
 My Little Valentine (C) LS $2
My Mother (W) S $5

Notable Alphabet (W) LN $20
Notable Notions (W) LN $5
Nuts About You (W) Like New $8

Occasions 4 You (W) LS $5
Oh, Hello (W) LN $15
Oh My Goodies (W) LN $5
Oh What Fun (P) S $6
One Tag Fits All (W) LS $10
One in a Million (W) LS $10
Ornate Blossom (W) LN $3
Owl Occasions (W) LN $15

Packed for Mom (W) LN $2
Paint Prints (W) LN $8
Papaya Collage (W) LS $12
Parlor Prints (background) (W) $8
Patterned Occasions (W) LS $6
Patterned Party (W) LN $15
Peaceful Petals (W) LS $15
Peace This Christmas (W) LS $12
Perfect Blend (W) S $4
Perfect Pennants (W) LS $8
Petal Parade (W) LN $6
Playful Pennants (W) LN $5
Pictogram Punches (W) $6
Point and Click Project Life - (P) LS $4
Percious Butterflies (W) LN $12
Punch Bunch (W) LN $8
Pun Fun (W) LS $12


Raining FLowers (W) LN $15
Razzle Dazzle (W) LN $8
Reverse Words (W) LN $5

Sanded (background) (W) $8
Santa Stache (W) S $8
Say Cheese (W) S $8
Says it All (W) LS $3
Schoolbook Serif Alphabet (W) LS $12
Seasonal Sayings (W) LS $8
Seasonally Scattered (W) LN $8
Sealed With Love (P) HS $10
 See Ya Later(W) *LIKE NEW* $6
Shooting Star (W) LS $10
Simple Birthday Thanks (W) LS $8
Simple Type Alphabet (upper/lower case) (W) LS $20
Simply Circles (W) $8
Six Sayings (W) LS $10
Sock Monkey (W) LS $10
 So Many Thanks (W) *LIKE NEW* $2
Special Day (background) (W) $8
Special Season (W) LS $10
Sporting (W) LS $5
Snowflake Soiree (W) S $10
Stake Your Claim (W) $8 *LIKE NEW* 
Stinkin' Cute (W) S $8
Sugarplum Dreams (W) LS $12
Suite Seasons (W) LN $8
Suite Sentiments (W) LN $10
Sunburst Sayings (W) LS $10
Sunflower (background) (W) LN $8 - PENDING
Sure Do Love You (W) LN $12
Sweet Cake (W) LN $8
Sweet Cupcake (P) S $8
Sweet Essentials (W) HS $5
Sweetest Gift (W) LN $12
Sweetheart (W) LN $10
Sweet Home (P) S $8
Sweet Shoppe Alphabet (upper) $20


Tag It (W) LN $8
Tag Talk (W) LS $6
Tags Til Christmas (W) LS $10
Tape It (W) S $8
Tasty Trucks (P) $6 *LIKE NEW*
Thankful (W) LS $1
The Newborn King (W) LS $8
Thoughts and Prayers (W) S $5
Three Little Words (W) LS $5
Timesless Love (W) LS $8
Timeless Talk (W) LS $8
Tiny Tags (W) S $5
Topsy Turvy Celebration (W) LN $8
Totally Tabs (W) LN $8
Tote-Ally Tess (W) LS $8
Toxic Treats (W) LS $12
Twenty Five (25) and Counting (W) N $20
Two By Two (W) LN $2


Varsity Alphabet (W) LS $20
Very Merry Tags (W) LN $8


Warmth and Wonder (W) LN $10
Weather Together (missing striped umbrella)  (P) LS $2
Well -Worn Alphabet (W) LS $20
Well-Worn Numbers (W) LN $10
Well Worn Words (background) (W) LS $8
Whimsical Alphabet Lower $20
Whimsical Numbers (W) LS $10
Winter Post (W) LN $10
Wintertime (W) LS $5
Wishes Your Way (W) LS $5
Word Play (W) LN $8
Word Search (W) $8
 World's Greatest (W) *LIKE NEW* $2


You Are Loved (W) LN $10
You Brighten My Day (W) LS $5
You Move Me (P) S $10
You Plus Me (W) LN $10
You Rule (W) LN $8
You're Amazing (W) LS $10
 You're Lovely (W) *LIKE NEW* $5
You're So Sweet (W) LS $10



Balloon Framelits  $10
Baker's Box Thinlits $15
Bloomin Hearts Thinlits $10
Christmas Greetings Thinlits $10 - PENDING
Cupcake Cutout Framelits $14
Frozen Treats Framelits $15
Gift Card Envelope and Trims Thinlits $15
Handpicked Framelits - $12
Home Sweet Home Thinlits $15
Lots to Love Framelits $15
Merry Tags Framelits $12
Mini Treat Bag Thinlits $20
Move Me Thinlits $15
On Film Framelits $10
Perfect Pines Framelits $15
Popcorn Box Thinlits $15
Project Life Paper Clips Thinlits $12
Santa's Sleigh Framelits $15
Seasonal Frame Thinlits $15
Snow Friends Framelits $15
Square Pillow Box Thinlits $15
Timeless Tags Thinlits $12
Trim Your Stocking Thinlits $20


Unknown said...

May be interested in the envelope framelits dies for $10. If still available. How much for S/H please?

Unknown said...


Melissa Davies said...

Sure! Since I don't know who you are, can you send me an email? Thanks!

Unknown said...

Perfect pines framelits from last holiday catalog? If so, interested!!

Paula said...

How does this work? May I send you a check in snail mail? Interested in the Designer Tin of Cards stamp set.

Paula said...

How does this work? May I send you a check in snail mail? Interested in the Designer Tin of Cards stamp set.

Millie said...

Hi Melissa
I'm a Stampin Up demostrator and I need the stamp set Something for baby. Can I send you a check or pay pal? How does this work?
my email is



Unknown said...

I'd like the bakers box but still looking. Will let you know once I looked all listed. Looking them up. Thanks

Unknown said...

Is the flower fair and patch a set? How much for the bundle if I get both? Do you have any other set? And any project life stamps? I'm new st stamping and trying to build my supplies. Thank you.

Unknown said...

I will take holiday cheer, too.

Carrie Naley said...

I am interested in purchasing the stamp set Weather Together $8.00.
Please let me know if it's still available.
Thank you!
Carrie Naley

Unknown said...

I would like to purchase the
Gift Card Envelope and Trims Thinlits $15. I emailed you.
Thank you