Retired Products for Sale

Below is a list of all my retired stamp sets (both new and used). I am happy to provide a photo of the set(s) you are interested in - just ask! I mail priority USPS with tracking. (US only) I can combine multiple sets to save on shipping.

Email me with any questions or to check the status of an item

(W) - Wood Mounted (all wood blocks have a clear poly coat on the rubber side)
 (C) - Clear Mounted
 (P) - Photopolymer

(S) - Stained
(LS) - Lightly Stained
(HS) - Heavy Stained

(N-UM) NEW and Unmounted

Acorny Thank You - (P) LS $6
A Brand New Year (W) LS $2
A Happy Hooray (W) LN $5
A Little Something (W) LN $6
ABC Alphabet (upper) LN $20
 ABC/123 Outline Letters (C) *LIKE NEW*  $10
Affection Collection (W) LN $15
Age Awareness (P) S $5
Alphabits (W) LS $5
Alphadot Alphabet (W) LN $20
Alphadot Numbers (W) (mostly unmounted) $10
Amazing Birthday (W) LN $8
Amazing Family (W) LN $8
Amazing You (W) LN $8
Any Occasion (P) LN $6
Another Great Year (W) LS $10
Antique Tags (W) LN $8
Around Array (C) LS $5
A Little Greeting (W) LN $2
A World of Thanks (W) LN $8
Awesomely Artistic (W) S $10

Baby Bumblebee (W) LN $3
Background Builders (W) LS $8
Badges and Banners (W) LN $10
Best Day Ever (W) LN $5
Big Day (W) S $5
Birthday Surprise (W) S $8
Beautiful Banners (W) LN $10
Beautiful Peacock (P) LS $5
Beautifully Baroque (W) S $5
Big Deal Numbers (W) LN $10
Big Bews (W) LS $12
Birthday Wit (W) LN $12
Bloom for You (W) LN $2
Blossoming Basket (W) LN $10
Bliss (W) LS $8
Blue Ribbon (W) LS $8
Bountiful Border - (P) LS $4
Bouquet Bunch (W) *LIKE NEW*  $5
Bordering on Romance (W) LN $12
Blooming With Kindness (W) LS $8
Bright Blossoms (W) S $5
Broadstreet Alphabet (W) LN $20
Brushstrokes (W) LN $8
Build A Blossom (W) $10
Build A Birthday (P) LS $5
Button Button (W) LN $12

Carols of Christmas (W) LN $12
Carry On (W) LN $10
Cheerful Christmas (W) LS $8
Cheerful Critters (P) LS $5
  Cheerful Tags (P) LS $3
Circle Circus (W) LS $10
Collage Alphabet (W) S $20
Collage Curios (W) LS $8
Cool Treats (P) HS $10
Color Me Christmas (W) LS $10
Cuddles and Kisses (W) LN $10

Daydream Medallions (W) LS $10
  December Wonder (P) LS $4
Decorate A Daisy (W) LN $15
Definitely Dahlia (W) LS $8
Distressed Dots (background) (W) $8
Dotted (background) (W) $8
Dove of Peace (W) LN $5

Eat Cake (W) *LIKE NEW*  $8
Eclectic Expressions (W) LS $8
Elementary Elegance (W) LN $8
Elizabeth (W) S $3
Everybunny (W) LS $12
Ex Libris (background) (W) $8
Extreme Dirt Bike (W) S $2


Festive Phrases (W) LS $12
Filmstrip (W) S $3 
Floral Wings (P) LS $5 - PENDING
Flower Patch (P) LS $6
Flowerful Heart (W) LN $3
Flowering Fields (W) LS $10
First Sight (W) LN $8
Flamingo Lingo (W) LN $8
For Being You (W) LS $5
Flannel Plaid (background) (W) LN $8
Flower Filled (W) LS $10
Fresh Fruit (W) LS 12
Fresh Vintage (W) N UM $10
Friendly Wishes (W) LN $10
From the Garden (P) LS $5
Frosted Medallions (W) LN $6
Fun Filled (W) LN $8

Geometrical (W) LS $8
 Girlfriend Accessories - (W) LS $6
Good Tidings (P) HS $8
Googly Ghould (W) S $6
Grow (W) LN $3
Groovy Lines (background) (W) $8
Grunge Rock (W) S $5


Halloween Street (W) LS $3
Happy Day (W) LS $8
Happy Flowers (W) S $5
Happy Wishes (W) LN $15
Happiest of Days (W) LS $10
Handcarved (background (W) $8
Harvest of Thanks (W) LN $10
Headline Alphabet LS $20
Heartfelt Blooms (W) LN $10
Hearts a Flutter (W) LS $8
Hearts A Fluter (W) N UM $12
Hello (W) LS $8
Hello Friends (W) LS $10
Hello Lovely (W) LN $12
Hello Sailor (W) LN $12
Hello There - (W) LN $8
Hey Chick (W) LS $8
Hey There Buds (W) LN $3
High Five (W) LS $8
Holly Jolly Greetings (W) LS $8

It's A Date (W) LN $6
It's a Wrap Occasions (W) LN $8
Itty Bitty Banners (W) S $5

Just PErfect Alphabet (W) LN $8
Just Jeans (background) (W) LN $8

Kids Cards (W) LS $8
Kind and Cozy (W) LS $6

Label Something (W) LS $5
Lacy and Lovely (W) LS $12
Larger Than Life ABC (P) LS $10
Language of Love (W) S $3
Layered Labels (C)LS $8
Layered Letters (P) LS $8
Layering Love (W) LN $12
Letter It (W) N $20
Lots of Lavender (P) LS $8
Love and Affection (P) LS $6
Lovely Letters Alphabet (W) LS $20
Lovely Romance (W) LS $8
Love You Much (W) LS $10


Make A Medallion (P) LS $5
Making A Point (W) LN $10
Make A Wish (W) LN $10
Memorable Moments (W) LN $8
 Merry Little Christmas (C) N-UM $5
Merry Melody (W) LN $8
Merriest Wishes (W) LN $10
Metro Type Alphabet (P) LN $12
Million and One (W) S $5
Mingle all the Way (W) LS $5
Mixed Borders (P) LS $5
Mixed Melody (C) *LIKE NEW* $5
Monster Maniacs (C) LS $5
Monster Munchies (W) N-UM $8
Monster Munchies (W) S $6
Mosaic Madness (W) LS $8
Mother's Love (W) LN $12
Moving Forward (W) LS $10
My Hero (W) LS $8
My Mother (W) S $5
 My Little Valentine (C) LS $2

Netting (background) (W) LN $8
Notable Alphabet (W) LN $20
Notable Notions (W) LN $5
Nuts About You (W) Like New $8

Occasions 4 You (W) LS $5
Off The Grid (W) LS $5 - PENDING
Oh Hello (W) LN $15
Oh My Goodies (W) LN $5
Oh What Fun (P) S $6
One Tag Fits All (W) LS $10
One in a Million (W) LS $10
Owl Occasions (W) LN $15

Paint Prints (W) LN $8
Paisley and Posies (P) S $8
Parlor Prints (background) (W) $8
Patterend Party (W) LN $15
Peaceful Petals (W) LS $15
Peace This Christmas (W) LS $12
Perfect Blend (W) S $4
Perfect Pennants (W) LS $8
Petal Parade (W) LN $6
Playful Pennants (W) LN $5
Pictogram Punches (W) $6
Point and Click Project Life - (P) LS $4
Punch Bunch (W) LN $8
Pun Fun (W) LS $12


 Razzle Dazzle (W) LN $8
Really Good Greetings (W) S $5 
Remembering Christmas (C) LN $5
Reverse Words (W) LN $5

Sanded (background) (W) $8
Santa Stache (W) S $8
Say Cheese (W) S $8
Says it All (W) LS $3
Schoolbook Serif Alphabet (W) LS $12
Secret Garden (W) LS $10
Seasonal Sayings (W) LS $8
Seasonally Scattered (W) LN $8
Sealed With Love (P) HS $10
 See Ya Later(W) *LIKE NEW* $6
Shooting Star (W) LS $10
Simple Birthday Thanks (W) LS $8
Simple Type Alphabet (upper/lower case) (W) LS $20
Simply Circles (W) LN $8
Six Sayings (W) LS $10
 So Many Thanks (W) *LIKE NEW* $2
Special Day (background) (W) $8
Special Season (W) LS $10
Sporting (W) LS $5
Snowflake Soiree (W) S $10
Stake Your Claim (W) $8 *LIKE NEW* 
Stinkin Cute (W) S $8
Sugarplum Dreams (W) LS $12
Suite Seasons (W) LN $8
Suite Sentiments (W) LN $10
Sunburst Sayings (W) LS $10
Sunflower (background) (W) LN $8 - PENDING
Sure Do Love You (W) LN $12
Sweet Cupcake (P) S $8
Sweet Essentials (W) HS $5
Sweetest Gift (W) LN $12
Sweet Home (P) S $8
Sweet Shoppe Alphabet (upper) $20


Tag It (W) LN $8
Tag Talk (W) LS $6
Tape It (W) S $8
Tasty Trucks (P) $6 *LIKE NEW*
Thankful (W) LS $1
Thats the Tag (P) LS $6
The Newborn King (W) LS $8
Thoughts and Prayers (W) S $5
Time of Year (P) S $6
Timesless Love (W) LS $8
Timeless Talk (W) LS $8
Tiny Tags (W) S $5
Tote-Ally Tess (W) LS $8
Toxic Treats (W) LS $12
Tricky Treats (W) LS $8
Two by Two (W) LN $2


Varsity Alphabet (W) LS $20
Very Merry Tags (W) LN $8

Warmth and Wonder (W) LN $10
Weather Together (missing striped umbrella)  (P) LS $2
Well -Worn Alphabet (W) LS $20
Well-Worn Numbers (W) LN $10
Well Worn Words (background) (W) LS $8
What I Love (P) LS $5
Whimsical Alphabet Lower $20
Whimsical Numbers (W) LS $10
Winter Post (W) LN $10
Wintertime (W) LS $5
Wishes Your Way (W) LS $5
Word Play (W) LN $8
Word Search (W) $8
 World's Greatest (W) *LIKE NEW* $2



 You Brighten My Day (W) LS $5
You Move Me (P) S $10
You Plus Me (W) LN $10
You're Amazing (W) LS $10
 You're Lovely (W) *LIKE NEW* $5
You're So Sweet (W) LS $10
You're Wonderful (P) LS $8



Balloon Framelits  $10
Baker's Box Thinlits $15
Bloomin Hearts Thinlits $10
Christmas Greetings Thinlits $10 - PENDING
Cupcake Cutout Framelits $14
Frozen Treats Framelits $15
Gift Card Envelope and Trims Thinlits $15
Handpicked Framelits - $12
Home Sweet Home Thinlits $15
Lots to Love Framelits $15
Merry Tags Framelits $12
Mini Treat Bag Thinlits $20
Move Me Thinlits $15
On Film Framelits $10
Paisley Framelits $15
Perfect Pines Framelits $15
Popcorn Box Thinlits $15
Project Life Paper Clips Thinlits $12
Santa's Sleigh Framelits $15
Seasonal Frame Thinlits $15
Snow Friends Framelits $15
Square Pillow Box Thinlits $15
Timeless Tags Thinlits $12
Trim Your Stocking Thinlits $20


Marcia Bidwell said...

May be interested in the envelope framelits dies for $10. If still available. How much for S/H please?

Unknown said...


Melissa Davies said...

Sure! Since I don't know who you are, can you send me an email? Thanks!

Lucy McFarland said...

Perfect pines framelits from last holiday catalog? If so, interested!!

Paula said...

How does this work? May I send you a check in snail mail? Interested in the Designer Tin of Cards stamp set.

Paula said...

How does this work? May I send you a check in snail mail? Interested in the Designer Tin of Cards stamp set.

Millie said...

Hi Melissa
I'm a Stampin Up demostrator and I need the stamp set Something for baby. Can I send you a check or pay pal? How does this work?
my email is



Cindi Hanley said...

I'd like the bakers box but still looking. Will let you know once I looked all listed. Looking them up. Thanks

Cindi Hanley said...

Is the flower fair and patch a set? How much for the bundle if I get both? Do you have any other set? And any project life stamps? I'm new st stamping and trying to build my supplies. Thank you.

Cindi Hanley said...

I will take holiday cheer, too.

Carrie Naley said...

I am interested in purchasing the stamp set Weather Together $8.00.
Please let me know if it's still available.
Thank you!
Carrie Naley