Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Paper Pumpkin Thing - Sprinkled with Love

Good Morning, Stampers!

So glad you could join us for the May "A Paper Pumpkin Thing -
Sprinkled With Love" blog hop!

The Sprinkled With Love kit is full products for you to
create fun donut-themed cards for any occasion or event!
Who doesn't LOVE donuts??!!

This blog hop is featuring alternative projects for 
you to create using the products from your kit.
Whether you are looking for new or different ideas,
or you have more supplies than you needed, this is a
great way to get inspiration for your kit!

This first project was a simple one. I cut the cards
apart and adhered them to a round piece of chipboard.
Then, I added (3) layers of matte Mod Podge and
created these fun little coasters perfect for a 
Father's Day breakfast surprise!
(or dessert as this Reese's Peanut Butter donut is 
definitely more of a dessert than breakfast!)

This medallion was created with the (9) paper bags includedin the kit. 

To create the medallion:

* Add liquid adhesive down the middle and across the bottom of the bag.
* Place another bag on top.
* Repeat until all bags are on top of each other.
* Snip off each corner and across the top.
* Gently bring one end and match to the opposite end.
* Add adhesive down the middle and across the bottom to secure.
* Punch a hole at the top for hanging.
* Decorate the center as desired.
Happie Stampin'!

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Lori Mueller said...

Very cute ideas, Melissa! TFS!

Cathy Caines said...

Those coasters are amazing!!! Love them!!

Sara Levin said...

Your wreath is such a pretty way to use the bags/envelopes! And making the donut cards in to coasters -- fun!

Monika said...

I love the coasters. I have some little milk jugs like that too - and was considering doing something with them but opted to stray from the donut theme for my card.

procrastistamper said...

Too adorable! And that donut looks like Heaven :-) Thanks for sharing!

Tina's Crop Shop said...

So creative Melissa! Very inspiring!

Jennifer Hill said...

Seriously...who doesn't love milk jars? And that medallion is so creative! Love your projects!

Dena Rekow said...

Adorable!! Love the way you used the bags!