Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Great Find...

Good Morning, Stampers!

I was browsing my favorite little dollar store recently and came across these very large (12") plastic scissors in every color of the rainbow. I thought to myself, seriously, what does one do with a pair of large, plastic, colored scissors?? I know they are only a $1, but really??

Well, the wheels in my brain started turning. Nothing a little can of silver spray paint couldn't cure! lol!

I am heading off to Leadership in San Antonio tomorrow and I am anxious to give my "roomies"
this little treat. I just hope they don't give me a problem when going thru security - lol!!!

Much better than the red, don't you think?

Here is a close-up of the tag. I used a little of the Creative Elements stamp set (w122645 $32.95 - c122647 $24.95) and the Charming stamp set (w116519 $19.95 - c125829 $14.95) on a tag from the Sizzix Two Tags (115954 $21.95).

I'm looking forward to sharing lots of great ideas from Leadership with you in the next few days!

Happy Stampin'!


Anonymous said...

Honestly Melissa, you can make anything a work of art. I have some rubber bands if you want then. Lol

Melissa Davies said...

Hmmm.... I'll give it some thought! Thanks!