Thursday, June 17, 2010

Staff Appreciation Gifts

Good Morning Stampers!

Well, anyone who know me knows that one of my favorite places to shop is the Dollartree here in town. I love a good deal & enjoy seeing what fun things I can make out of ordinary things. Yesterday afternoon, I had realized that time was a tickin' for me to get started on my bus drivers, secretary's & special's teachers appreciation gifts that I needed to hand out early in the morning. I decided to venture out to see what I could come up with on such short notice. I found these cute little coffee travel mugs for only $1 each! These are meant for kids and have a cute little coloring page inside to decorate. Well, I simply unscrewed the top, replaced the color page with some retired Sweet Pea paper and closed up. Then, with my over-abundance of felt stash, began sewing & gluing flowers to the band that I had made to make my own "Coffee Cozie's". This idea has been seen all over the stamping world the last several weeks, & this is my version. I filled them with a little thank you note along with an individual lemonade packet. I hope they like them!

Happy Stampin'!

P.S. I did leave a few cups at the store for those of you who may want to pick up a few. You can find them in the dishware aisle all the way down on the bottm left hand side :o)

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