Monday, September 16, 2019

Holiday Twig Wreaths

Good Morning, Stampers!

This is what happens when two stampers get together to just create - one for every upcoming holiday! Thanks Barbara for letting me spend the day creating with you! Get crafting with your fellow stampers, it's therapeutic and fun!

These can be hung by the ribbon or a magnet
can be added to the back, too!

Happie Stampin'!


Linda said...

Where are the tiny twig wreaths in the Holiday catalog? I've gone through it twice and cannot find them. Thank you in advance...
Linda Phillips

Linda said...

The email you sent me says you left a comment but I cannot find where you posted it. Help.
Linda P

Melissa Davies said...

Thanks, Linda! I got them at the craft store. They come in all different sizes. The ones I used were approximately 3". Thanks so much for stopping by!