Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Days to Remember Rolodex

Good Morning, Stampers!

**UPDATED: The tutorial is available for purchase via Paypal for $2.95. Contact me directly to purchase.
Take a peek at the fun class I am offering next week! I have been wanting to do an altered rolodex for quite awhile now - just finding the right time to do it was the hard part! Well the wait is over and I am excited to share with you my creation!

Here is the front:

Instead of adding addresses to this rolodex, you will add important dates: birthdays, anniversarys, special occasions, etc.

 Then you will organize the occasions by month. Here are the first two:

Whatcha think? I can't wait to share the rest of the months with you at my class next week. If you are interested in a kit, I will have a few available, too! The cost for the kit is $20 - shipping additional. The kit will contain all of the consumables (no stamping) as well as written instructions with photos. Contact me to reserve your space or kit.

Happy Stampin'!


Katherine said...

This is adorable!!

Tiffany Bauer said...

This is totally awesome and a great idea!! I will be featuring this rolodex on My Crafty Picks #69 with a link back to your blog on 6-24-12. Make sure to stop by to check out all the picks!!

If you wish to decline please email me by responding to this comment to let me know.

Have a great day!!
Tiffany Bauer

Melissa Davies said...

Thanks Tiffany!